EDCOIN Decentralized Finance: Token Metrics.

The launch of EDCOIN Decentralized Finance will enable people to quickly, cheaply, safely, and seamlessly trade their assets. This post will explain our token metrics ahead of the launching on a Decentralized Exchange — Uniswap.

This article assumes general knowledge of Decentralized Finance, if you would like to know more please read the previous article.

It’s important to state that there will be some adjustments in the earlier tokenomics, in a way the team deems fit, for the prosperity and progress of the project.

Token Metrics Overview

Initial Total Supply: 900,000,000 EDC

To be burned: 800,000,000 EDC

Total supply after burn: 100,000,000 EDC

ICO Allocation: From 69,000,000 EDC, only 1,500,000 EDC will be released, after which 5% of each participant’s token will be released monthly.

UniSwap Liquidity : 5,000,000 EDC

Initial Circulating Supply: 6,500,000 EDC

Token Distribution on Launch

Token Allocation

Staking Rewards: 20%

Community and Marketing: 5%

Ecosystem: 5%

Team: 10%

Advisors: 5%

There will be further token burns in the future. EDC tokens will be burned till we have 11.11% of the current total supply available. More details on token burn to follow.

Circulating Supply Token Release by Category:

“Circulating Supply” is every token that is not locked up at a certain time. The majority of EDC tokens are subject to a lock-up schedule; ICO participants will be able to retrieve only a certain percentage of their tokens.

Category Details

For the long term and organic growth of the token, all EDC tokens on EDEX and those obtained during the ICO will be released periodically based on each individual’s holding, there will be 5% released every month.

II) Community and Marketing

5% of the final supply will be allocated to expand our community and expedite our marketing efforts.

III) Ecosystem

The Ecosystem token allocation is to ensure and encourage a vibrant community on EDCOIN to flourish. Specifically, the ecosystem token allocation is used to support partnerships, grants, and development programs for long term value creation. This allocation will also be used to slowly transition into EDCOIN Decentralized Autonomous Organization, (DAO), where each token holder can use their tokens to vote in the DAO and take part in certain crucial decision-making processes.

Allocated for this is 10% of the total supply after token burn.

IV) Staking Reward

(V) Team

The allocated amount for the team equates to 10% of the total token supply after the token burn.

VI) Advisors

Our advisors have combined decades of leading institutional and industry experience to draw from to help EDCOIN Finance negotiate the challenges ahead from development and launch to growth and beyond. Advisor allocation has similar arrangements as Team allocation. However, the allocation is 5% of the total token allocation. The same schedule ensures the Advisors are aligned with EDCOIN’s long term interests.

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Edcoin is an ERC-20 community governance token that provides visible utility and real-time use cases for the entire EDMARK multi-product & real-estate ecosystem