EDCOIN (EDC) is listed on COINGECKO!!!

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Outstanding day all EDCOINERS!

The eco-system for EDPOINTS APP and EDPAY APP continues to be strengthened for those who wish to fully unleash the utility of EDCOIN (EDC) for real-life products and services. In addition to UNISWAP, EDC is listed on whiteBIT. Recently, 100,000,000 EDC was burned to further improve the tokenomics for EDC.

Today, we are pleased to share with you another milestone for EDCOIN.

EDCOIN / EDC is now listed on one of the world’s leading coin market aggregators, COINGECKO and as more crypto enthusiasts become aware of EDC, we can count on greater discoverability and visibility in the crypto interweb.

COINGECKO monitors over 400 exchanges globally and over 6000 other coins. It is second only to COINMARKETCAP and it is preferred over COINMARKETCAP for its more independent tracking and analyses. (A listing on COINMARKETCAP is also in our roadmap in due course, of course but first up, COINGECKO!)

We encourage EDCOINERS to acquire EDC with USDT on whiteBIT and HODL EDC as we continue to build the EDCOIN eco-system from strength to strength.

You can view & track the price of EDC here:

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Edcoin is an ERC-20 community governance token that provides visible utility and real-time use cases for the entire EDMARK multi-product & real-estate ecosystem

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